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The Culinary Federation of Fiji is a non-profit organization dedicated to the continuing development of Fiji's culinary scene through partnerships and training initiatives with industry stakeholders including the executive chefs, food suppliers, farmers, academia, students and relevant government bodies.

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Mentor chef training programs and advanced culinary classes.


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Introducing the Masi Star Awards, celebrating Fiji's talented chefs.


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Stay in touch with the Culinary Federation as we will soon announce our calendar of Masterclasses in the culinary arts (free to all registered members). Not just cooking classes, the CFF Masterclasses are about skill and art. From modern plating, sensory awareness, flavour profiles, Fijian food anatomy, butchery and more. Its going to be an exciting year in Fijian gastronomy!

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It’s time to build and nurture Fiji’s young talented chefs to the highest Fijian gastronomy and support our farmers, direct farm to plate!

- CFF Executive Board Member Umesh Chand, Executive Chef of Plantation Island

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