We’re the Culinary Federation of Fiji.

The Culinary Federation of Fiji is a non-profit organisation dedicated to the continuing development of Fiji's culinary scene through partnerships and training initiatives with industry stakeholders including the executive chefs, food suppliers, farmers, academia, students and relevant government bodies.

Our mission is to help transform Fiji into one of the newest food destinations in the region by embracing and developing Fiji's unique ancestral gastronomy and promoting the use of its fresh produce.

Master Classes

To provide free Masterclasses for CFF members to help bridge the culinary knowledge gap; to develop a young chef's palate and sensory perception; and to instill a genuine love of cooking. To quickly identify and mentor young students into industry traineeships once their core studies have been completed.


To create a central web portal for CFF members to access anything to do with food and cuisine, including the participation in culinary blogs, finding out about job vacancies, booking culinary events, supply chains, training workshops and cooking classes.


To provide international executive chefs with an induction program to help fast track their settling-in time, and to assist in understanding the unique cultural challenges in a Fijian kitchen.

Masi Star Culinary Awards

To promote Fiji's new Masi Star Award Program, a national culinary recognition program that recognises the best restaurants, cafes and small eateries - culminating in a gala dinner every November.

Culinary Federation of Fiji

Executive chefs from Fiji’s leading resorts, cafes and restaurants have come together to collaborate on a bold mission to transform Fiji into an exotic food destination. This includes refining all aspects of the gastronomy through industry-sanctioned training, workshops, networking and events to help bridge the knowledge gap that has hampered the innovation of Fijian cuisine in the past.

The not-for-profit body represents international and local chefs from the majority of Fiji’s hotel and resort properties, including the Marriott, Sheraton, Westin, Sofitel, Radisson, Hilton, Doubletree, Castaway Island, Plantation Island, Malamala Beach Club, Holiday Inn, First Landing, Grand Pacific Hotel, Pullman as well as local restaurants groups including Jacks of Fiji, Cake World and Nando’s. The combined purchasing power of this group represents more than F$100 million per annum in food.

The Culinary Federation of Fiji (CFF) is a collaboration of executive chefs, hoteliers, suppliers, farmers, training institutions and government agencies with the single goal of developing the country’s cuisine through workshops, culinary classes, a traineeship incubator program, and the establishment of a national restaurant awards initiative.

Improving the local food supply chain is another critical component of the CFF’s mission to deliver high quality, produce to the kitchens of the member chefs. This includes working with the Ministry of Agriculture to help farmers and primary producers identify and grow the right produce. The CFF also offers food suppliers direct access to the key decision makers to improve the supply chain and to develop more variety – the executive chefs.

Lance Seeto


Mo Arun

Vice President

Pritam Shirlal

Vice President

Ashveen Charan


A fascinating culinary journey through the traditional food and culture of Fiji for the international tourist. Fiji’s leading Executive Chefs have joined together and are breaking new ground in ensuring the vibrant Fijian authentic cuisine is found in Fiji, can now extend their voyage of discovery.

– CFF Vice President Mohammed Arun, Executive Chef Grand Pacific Hotel