Aggie Global is an ag-tech start-up connecting small farmers to big markets. The business was founded by Lisa and Zoe Paisley, the Aggie Twins. They have a passion for food, travel and agriculture, so working in agricultural development seemed the perfect fit.

Aggie Global began as a consultancy and training business helping smallholder farmers increase production by using less resources. However, Lisa and Zoe found farmers were struggling to sell their produce, despite their yields. This is where the idea of connecting farmers to markets originated.

By connecting farmers to markets, we are increasing farmer income to address poverty and food security. Aggie Global works in developing countries, starting in Fiji, where the majority of farmers live in poverty. Yet 20 of 48 least developed countries rely on tourism as their biggest or second biggest sector supporting their economy. Specifically, the Fijian Tourism industry is importing $30 million worth of fresh fruit and vegetables every year. This money could be fed back to local farmers, to bring them out of poverty.
Aggie Global is building a platform that helps buyers, predominantly chefs working in hotels and resorts, to understand local food supply. By creating this awareness and connection to local food, chefs can get creative in showcasing local cuisine, whilst supporting local communities.

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